This is my friend Melissa_Photogenic!!
She Is a good friend of mine and I havent talked to her for ages.
I dont have her AIM or Email or anything any more.
So I am asking you out there to try and find this girl in this youtube..

The sad thing is that the song on that youtube is of my cousins old band Death Cab For Cutie..
He left a few monthes ago out of the band and I have no Clue where he (Chris Walla) or her (Melissa) is.
So if you know her please get her to get at me.  This next video of me singing for her.  I have alot of songs
about girls and stuff on youtube.com.


Melissa is so sweet so i am making this page for her.. She is the cutest little girl that needs to find me...  I think i will get to her one day..